Kit Development

When developing a new kit we start with a goal, what is it we’re looking to achieve with this kit? It could be using a different hob or enabling access for a van with twin sliding doors. Once the idea is in place we begin by CAD modelling the entire kit based on dimensions from previous designs as well as measurements taken from vans.

The CAD model allows us to visualize the whole kit and highlight any areas that may cause issues down the line. We also consider how the user is going to have to assemble the kit and the order in which parts will go together. By taking all this into consideration we can tweak the design to reach our requirements.

Once the CAD model is completed we will cut a test unit on the CNC machine, a member of the team will assemble the kit and make notes on how best to assemble the various sections. At the same time we will analyse the kit to determine where changes can be made to improve the design. We will repeat this process until we end of with a complete design that easy to assemble and meets our requirements.

Once completed the kit gets uploaded to the website whilst a member of the team works on creating a specific set of assembly instructions. All our kits come with tailor made instruction manual to help guide you through every step of the assembly process.

Kitline Design manufactures and sells a range of flat pack campervan units suitable for DIY campervan conversions.