Our Fixing System

For years many flat pack kits on the market have been constructed based solely on the use of screw blocks. These blocks are fiddly and unsightly even at the best of times so we set about designing our own range of flat pack kits to change this.

Our kits use a one piece cam fixing system similar to that used on flat pack furniture found around the house. This system helps to reduce furniture assembly times by up to 60%. The fixings operate in a way that makes aligning the parts easy and once the cam is turned they pull panels together, discretely locking panels into place quickly and easily.

This system helps our customers significantly reduce the time they spend on building their flat pack kits. Which for our trade customers means less labour hours used assembling their kits, meaning they can spend more time on other aspects of the conversion. For our DIY customers this means significantly less frustration during your build and more time enjoying your van!

Kitline Design manufactures and sells a range of flat pack campervan units suitable for DIY campervan conversions.