We recommend a RIGHT HAND sink SMEV 9722 12v electronic ignition (not Piezzo) for LWB Coastline and SWB Coastline square conversions.

We recommend the LEFT HAND sink for the SWB Coastline Curved.

Note: Due to the shape of the FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM there is no rear wardrobe tambour door.

ALL kits do have a small open curved bottom LH section below the tambour door rear facing for those larger items (camper seats/umbrellas) that can slide in.  There is no door as standard.

112cm Bed - Volkswagen t5/t6 - Ford Transit Custom - VIvaro/ Trafic

£1,170.00 inc VAT
£1,290.00 inc VAT

120cm Bed - Volkswagen t5/t6

£1,170.00 inc VAT
£1,320.00 inc VAT