Why should I use your kits?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer what we consider to be the best flat pack kits on the market. Our kits are produced using the latest CNC cutting technology and are designed in a way that reduces assembly time by up to 50%. The kits are made to be user friendly with comprehensive printed assembly instructions for each kit. 

My van isn't listed, do you make a kit for it?

We are always looking to expand our range, if your van isn’t listed please get in touch and we can discuss designing one to fit.

Will I be able to build them without much DIY knowledge?

Certainly, we have designed the units to be as simple as possible to build with a minimal amount of tools. Some basic DIY knowledge is always recommended as applying the edge trim requires a small amount of force and blade work to achieve the best finish.

Where can I find another copy of the instructions?

Please find these on our Assembly page which is situated at the top of the home page.

I can't find the finish I want?

The configuration system uses the most popular range of laminate finishes. Should you want something that isn’t listed please get in contact and we might be able to arrange something. 

When are the new designs being launched?

We are slowly building out our range of kits as we like to cut and test every variation and ensure we have comprehensive written instructions available. The best way to keep up to date with the new designs is following us on Instagram or Facebook.

Do you have physical samples i can see?

Yes you can arrange to visit us and see samples of the materials or you can order free samples from our suppliers Morland.

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