Kitline Design was born from Revampavan’s desire to provide customers with the very best campervan conversions at an attractive price. Throughout the years Revampavan has fitted 100’s of flat pack campervan kits but never found a ‘perfect kit’. Many kits on the market would take days to assemble costing valuable time and money. So began the process of developing a unique series of kits suitable for both DIY’ers and conversion professionals. These kits have now been released for public and commercial sale through Kitline Design.


SURFLINE™ 130cm seat/bed

This popular kit allows you to fit a wider 130cm seat/bed allowing for extra passengers as well as a larger bed for sleeping. Slim units down the side provides storage with room at the front for a small hob/sink unit as well as a Webasto Cruise 65L . The unit is supplied with a spare door to be used if a fridge is not installed.


COASTLINE™ 112cm seat/bed

Our most popular kit with various widths available to suit 112cm and 120cm seats/beds. There are 15+ different variations of the kit as well as 20+ different laminate finishes to help you design your dream van. Use our unique configuration system to select your options and instantly preview your kit.


We recommend a RH sink SMEV 9722 with 12v electronic ignition (not manual) for Coastline LWB and Coastline SWB Square units.  

LH sink SMEV 9722 with 12v electronic (not manual) ignition for Surfline LWB and Coastline SWB Curved units.  

We recommend the Dometic HSG 2445 sink/hob for the SWB Surfline conversion.

Kitline Design has been sponsored by Solidworks who provide professional 3D CAD Design software. This enables our design team to further develop our existing range of products as well as developing new ones.

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